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Our Partners
  POSCO Coated & Color Steel Co., Ltd.
POSCO Coated & Color Steel Co.,Ltd(POSCO C&C), an affiliate of POSCO C&C, started out in 1988 at Pohang Steel Complex as a coated steel manufacturer of galvanized and aluminized steel sheets with annual production capacity of 300,000 tons a year. It M&A Pohang Steel Industies, a color steel sheet manufacturer on March 1st of 1999 and the cold center on May 1st of the same year. After that, it completed its corporate restructuring process and now is growing as a world-class coated steel sheet manufacturer.

Its annual sales reaches 500 billion won and 130 million dollars out of the sales are earned from exports. In our galvanizing company, we produce 600,000 tons a year of both galvanized steel sheets (GI) widely used for construction, automobile parts, pipes and color sheets; and aluminized steel sheets (Alcosta) mainly used for car exhaust system, home appliances and other heat-related items.  

  Dongbu Steel Co., Ltd.
Dongbu Steel manufactures some 2.7 million-tons of various steel products annually with its production bases in Asan Bay Works, Incheon Works, and Pohang Works. It also boasts its reputation as the worlds most competitive in the cold-rolled high strength steel sheet sector.

In particular, the Asan Bay Works (Cold-Rolling Mill), established in 1999, is the world's first steel plant that has automated the whole processes from production to logistics and is touted as a "dream plant" by steel experts at home and abroad thanks to this optimal cost competitiveness.

With such achievements as the foundation, Dongbu Steel made a foray into the electric arc furnace steel making and hot rolling business in 2007, enabling it to independently supply hot-rolled steel sheet, the raw material for Dongbu's flagship product cold-rolled steel sheet. As a result, Dongbu Steel has transformed itself into an integrated steel producer that makes mass production of hot-rolled steel sheet to cold-rolled steel sheet possible, taking a leap forward to fulfill its goal to become the world's best steel company.

DK Dongshin   DK Dongshin
DK Dongshin is growing into the world's best company  in pre-coated steel sheet market by overcoming numerous challenges and changes. We are truly acknowlefged that it was the strenth of your sincere care and trust which made DK Dongshin possible to achieve such outstanding results

Based on a powerful will & driving force of being a world No.1 PCM (Pre Coated Metal) specialty company. DK DONGSHIN grew up with technical development and cultivating talented men as a domestic No.1 providing high quality multi-color printed steel sheet of semi-permanent construction interior & exterior materials and appliances with beautiful colors and diverse patterns & textures. We try our best to provide the excellent quality products that satisfy clients under the goal of being a world leader in steel sheet coating industry

Hyundai Engineering Plastics   Hyundai HYSCO Co., Ltd.

HYUNDAI HYSCO was established under the name Kyung-il Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1975. The company was renamed to HYUNDAI Pipe Co., Ltd in 1980 soon after the completion of its full-scale steel pipe plant in 1979. As a scheme to be a leading steel company in the global market, the company was renamed once again to HYUNDAI HYSCO in February 2001.

In November 1982, 2 years after completion of steel pipe factory, Hyundai Hysco received exportation of $100,000,000.00 while achieving the new record in industry by breaking through 10,000,000 Tons of steel pipe materials in 1997. For the last 20 years, Hyundai Hysco has been leading domestic steel pipe industry. However, Hyundai Hysco was not satisfied by its market share in steel pipe field at the time. Hyundai Hysco entered the market for cold rolled products, which require the highest level of technology among other sectors of the steel industries. Suncheon cold rolled factory, completed in 1999, achieved 100% standardization of facility within 1 year and it also achieved dramatic development by producing 5,000,000 Tons of automotive steel sheet in 5years.

Based on experience of normalizing Suncheon factory, Hyundai Hysco took charge of Dangjin factory of Hanbo Steel Company in 2004. It achieved normalization of factory in 2006, 2 years after taking charge and became the leader in domestic automotive steel sheet field.

LG Chem    LG Chem, Ltd.
At LG Chem, we are a major global supplier of quality petrochemicals ranging from basic distillates to specialty polymers. Our extensive experience and advanced technology are enabling us consistently break new ground in the industry with high performance products. Our No. 1 share in China's and Korea' s acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) markets is just one area we lead our industry in PVC, ABS/EP, NCC/Polyolefin, Rubbers/Specialty Polymers, Acrylates/Plasticizers.
Hyundai Engineering Plastics   Hyundai EP Co. Ltd.

Hyundai EP Co. is an affiliated company of Hyundai Development Co. from which it was spun off in January 2000. It is currently developing. Producing and supplying various kinds of engineering plastic materials.

Engineering plastics are processed materials, which are originally extracted from petrochemicals, for its use and function. It is considered innovative materials whose potential is immeasurable as it can substitute for steel, woods and nonmetals that ate widely used as high-tech materials.

Therefore, Hyundai EP Co. is to contribute to the industrial development by developing and producing various new industrial materials that can meet demands in the 21st century.

OCI   OCI Company Ltd.

At OCI, we are a global company whose export sales account for more than 70% of the total sales revenue, with a product portfilio spanning the fields of inorganic chemicals, petro and coal chenicals, fine chemicals, renewable energy and insulation materials. Our major product lines includes carbon black, pitch, tolunes di-isocyanate, hydrogen peroxide, sodiun percarbonate, soda ash, fumed silica, and polycrystaline silicon, the basic material used to manufacture silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells.

KCC   OCI Company Ltd.

Korea imported all raw materials for silicone from overseas, and consumption had been increasing by more than 7% each year. With more than $200 million in raw materials for silicone expected to be imported in 2004, the successful completion of the KCC plant will go a long way toward import substitution.

Starting with the opening of this silicone monomer plant capable of producing 25,000 tons a year, KCC is planning to expand production capacity to 75,000 tons in 2008, and 175,000 tons in 2011. As a result, KCC will become one of the top 4 silicone makers in the world, and play an important role in the development of the national economy by exporting silicone and substituting for about $600 million worth of imports every year.

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