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Overview - Keysu Industrial Co., Ltd

To our guests  

Welcome to our homepage!  

Keysu Industrial Co., Ltd. is a trading company exporting construction material from Korea to Russia, Finland, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries for 19 years, since its foundation in 1992.  

At the first stage, the company had exported Aluminum Composite Panel, a outdoor material in building construction produced by Hongseong Industrial Co., Ltd., and with sole representativeships from the producer in Russia and CIS region.  

From the year of 2006, steel products were added to the company's handling item, and in the next year alone, total about 11,000MT of steel products (Prepainted steel, Galvanized Iron and Galvalum) from Korean steel producers of Dongbu Steel and Posco C & C was exported to the countries, and this year, it is estimated that the volume shall be reached at about 15,000MT, only for the steel products.  

Recently, Keysu Industrial Co., Ltd. is focusing on the chemical products from LG Chem, Ltd. and it takes some market surveys for the material to search reliable business partners for the material.  

As a matter of fact, it already concluded yearly contracts with LGERA, a Russian subsidiary of LG Electronics, for the quantities of chemical resins, and furthermore, there are some other customers in Russia, to whom it started supplying chemical raw material for their use.  

As such, it has shown remarkable activities for the sales of chemical resins in Russian market in a relatively short span of time.  

Keysu Industrial Co., Ltd. already established a Liaison Office in Moscow in 2003 with two representatives, dispatched from Korea to cope with the change of situation in time, and on the other hand, there also some Russian staffs, who are accustomed with Russian standards of ways. The staffs are very eager to gathering information on the market and constantly exchanging their ideas with Koreans for affording best services to Russian customers.  

Now, we will keep in mind of our challenge for finding the unlimited possibilities in Russia at the first stage of business and try to our best to take another chance of a "greater leap for second stage", and with it, we hope, we can contribute to enhance the reputation of Korea.  

Thanks for your reading.

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